I was diagnosed 7 months ago and need some help

So i was diagnosed 7 months ago and need help coping with diabetes I am really embarrassed about having diabetes for the past 6 months I was in denial but when i went to a camp i relies its not going away i feel really stupid for having the hope i wont have diabetes i have no one to talk to i don’t even call diabetes diabetes i call it blue apple i’m having a hard time dealing with this

Hi Joanna @ joanna1413,

I can relate to being in denial about diabetes - I was in full denial for many years and never told anybody first at school and later at work. Well, a few close friends from childhood knew and of course my family knew and tried to help me. I never knew another person who had Type One until very recently - so no one to talk to who understood or could offer advice other than “DON’Y eat that”. Of course we now have the internet with plenty of information and lots of people who understand us and who offer suggestions.


As far as a cure? I’m not planning on seeing a cure during my lifetime, but I suspect that you may see something very close to a cure. In the meantime, please try to take care of yourself, there now are many very useful tools; during my first 10 years I didn’t and I’m paring the price. In the latest 50 years I’ve turned a new leaf and I’m living a full, active life the way life should be lived while doing a pretty good job of managing diabetes. There is very little that I haven’t done or couldn’t do because of diabetes.

Stay in touch here - there are many god people here who will help you understand diabetes and yourself. Ask questions, ask for support - message me whenever you want and I’ll share what I have learned or direct you to some other people here who have broad experience living with diabetes.



I was diagnosed in March 2016 and like you was in denial. I remember being in the hospital and receiving a meal with a menu stampted “diabetic” and thinking to myself that these so called out of their minds professionals think I am diabetic. It took some serious soul searching and frequent testing to realize that I am diabetic. There is nothing we can do to change that, it is what it is and we must move on. Dennis is a wealth of information and encouragement. I am sure he had the same feelings that we do and he has come to terms with it and thrives. We can too if we set our minds to it. Diabetes makes thing harder for us, but not impossible. Be gentle with yourself and know that people are here for you.



Karen makes a wonderful point that may help you feel more comfortable about living with diabetes. You ARE NOT a “diabetic” although you may be living with diabetes. a PWD or person with diabetes one of the very few diseases [that has been identified for 3,500 years] that doesn’t have a cure.

One of my pet peeves is someone, including so called medical professionals, who point me out and announce to everyone within hearing “… he’s a DIABETIC”. Diabetes just happens to be a disease that I’ve successfully learned to manage during the past 60 years. but I certainly am not a disease. Yes, you will eventually be able to ignore some of the many insensitive people who think they are sooooooo smart.

thank you

My daughter was diagnosed a little over a year ago. I saw the signs but my husband was in denial. He thought it was something else that the doctors needed to run more tests. We have learned a lot and there are times where I cry because my now 11 year old has to take daily injections for the rest of her life. Plus side because I think there is positive in everything. She is stronger, more courageous, and becoming a leader. What has helped us is knowing God will help us be strong and face this head on. And, because He has your back, and in your weakest days He will be there to carry you. Its a day to day life. You were created to make a difference. You have support here and you aren’t alone.

I like the term that me and my diabetic brother use, “Live-abetic”. After all, Dennis, look at you. You have been living with this for longer than I have been on the planet Earth! Live long and puncture, I always say.