I want to share and spread my story, please help me to do so

I have been Type 1 diabetic for 17 years. For the longest time I never took care of it, and did everything I could to avoid taking care of it, I lied about checking my sugar, changing my site, giving myself insulin, I tried so hard that I even found a way to cheat my meter to have good numbers until One day i told myself enough is enough and I broke down and cried with my mom. I wanted to change and she wanted to help me with all her heart. For the first few weeks after I really took care of it my blood sugars were great they were what they were supposed to be and as the days went on I noticed my eyesight was getting really bad I wasn’t feeling the greatest I had pain in my hands so I went to the doctors, I went to the eye doctors, I scheduled an appointment with my endocrinologist and everything that was happening to me was because my body was trying to adjust to being at the blood sugar levels it was supposed to be. I went so long with not taking care of it that my body was confused it was fighting back. I’m taking care my blood sugars now but for not taking care of myself for so long I had to undergo laser eye treatment, I had to get injections in my eyes, I had neuropathy and carpal Tunnel. I’m still adjusting to everything that is happening with my body it’s not an easy life but it’s my life that I need to take Control of. I still have bad days where I just want to give up and go back to the way it used to be of not caring but with the support of my friends and my parents they keep me on track and my story is much longer than this but I am proud of where I am today, it was a long hard journey but I hope to one day inspire people with where I was that in my life with diabetes and to see how far I’ve come. My A1 C levels when I wasn’t taking care of myself was 15.9 within two months of taking care of my diabetes it dropped to 12.2, now that may not seem like a big difference but it really is remarkable and my parents were proud of me, my doctors were proud of me for the first time in a long time I was proud of myself! If you have any questions or what to know more of my story and journey which is still continuing please ask and I will be happy to answer

@Amberknepp I love that you want to be an inspiration to others! I feel like most of us go through times of not taking care of ourselves and need the help and inspiration of others who understand. Congrats on getting your a1c heading in the right direction! Mine was high as well during a very rough time in my life and I recently have gotten it down to 5.8!