I want to party at a concert, but

I recently found out that two of my favorite bands are performing in Australia in three months. I unfortunately waited until I went to see my doctor before trying to reserve VIP tickets, and now those tickets are sold out. The VIP tickets were a little more T1D friendly, since they gave exclusive access to a club where there would be food, seating (I think), and a generally better atmosphere for someone with certain medical conditions.

The sponsors also have disabled access, but I’m waiting on a response back from them regarding this particular event before I get a regular ticket. The website showed seating, but that was about it. My PCP told me “sure, no problem” when I asked his advise about going…which kind of took me back a bit. I just kinda figured I would get an “OK, let’s lay out your plan for this, go over pros and cons, etc.”. Yeah I’m scared about this trip, but I REALLY want to go!!! But I know that I have to be realistic about my limitations.

These are my issues in a nutshell. In addition to T1D, I have CFIDS (chronic fatigue syndrome), severe migraines (they happen sporadically and with no known trigger), peripheral and autonomic neuropathy, frozen shoulder, and PTSD/depression from an unrelated event.

I really want to go to this concert. It’s something that would cross off 2 ‘bucket list’ events in a single stroke. But I recently had to cancel going to a comicon event 30 miles away because I had a migraine (one episode tends to last for 4 hours, and I spend that time throwing up until my body stops and the pain subsides–and I’m then wiped out for 2-3 days afterwards). I guess my biggest fear is that something may happen on the 18 hour flight out there, or while I’m there that will make the whole trip a bust. And I’m going by myself, so I can only call someone for moral support.

I am just hoping for some real advise folks. Thanks.

hi @dmannone,

you don’t say if you are in/live in Australia, so I’ll guess you are not.

if you want to go, go.

if you really want advice, you need to tell us if you have money to burn, and can go without hurting anyone else.

I have been to concerts before, none of which seriously changed my life in any meaningful way (which I mean you may eventually forget about the concerts you’ve been to), 3 of which gave me tinnitus for a week but that went away so I guess it was worth it. looking back.

Australia is nice you’ll likely remember the trip long after the music fades or goes out of style.

Life is a gamble anyway, so (1) what’s really at stake, and (2)what’s the prize
is how I would look at it. have fun.