I had my baby!

On Friday May twenty I delievered my daughter Ava Marie at thirty one weeks via c section. She was three pounds fifteen ounces. She will be in the nicu for a while. I am stilll in the hospital, I had preeclampsia and my lungs filled with fluid and I needed a blood transfusion. The doctor said teh only reason she survived was bbecause my a1c was so good. Sorry my typing is bad, I am swollen and in a weird position in bed. Please think good thoughts for my little daughter

Oh Kelly...positive vibes going your way.  A blood transfusion? How horrible...how are you feeling besides swollen ?

Congratulations on your baby.  I know your daughter was born sooner than you wanted, but it sounds like you're getting really good care.  Take care of yourself and get lots of rest as you recover from the c-section.  Let us know how your daughter is doing.  

Thank you! I am doing a lot better today, I was able to walk around a little and was able to give her some of my milk. I got to hold her today for the first time which was the best moment of my life. She is so precious and little. I felt a lot better after the blood transfusion and now the fluid is out of my lungs so I can breathe again. They gave me magnesium to prevent seizures for the first day and that made me very sick but I am much better now. I couldn't imagine loving someone so much before I had her, I get so emotional every time I get to see her.