Hybrid insulin regime

We have my daughter on a new hybrid insulin regime. Its layed out like this:  She takes Humalog and Humulin N at breakfast, Humalog to cover breakfast and N to cover her lunch carbs. Then she takes Humalog at supper and Lantus at bedtime as her background insulin.  This is done in an attempt to avoid lunch time insulin in young school aged children who are unable to do thier own insulin and where working parents cannot be at school or daycare to give it either.  I am wondering if there are any other parents out there who have or have had thier child on this regime and what their experience was?  It works fairly well, but we do struggle in regards to the variability of when the N peaks.  Obviously, it is not an ideal insulin and its difficult to have insulin and carbs match.  We rarely have afternoon or supper lows, but tend to have higher than preferred numbers pre supper and need to give a correction. If I increase her N, then she has more lunch time lows as it begins to work or even peak early. She is 3.5, and starts preschool in September. She also is in a dayhome.  Neither are willing to give lunch insulin, so I am really trying to make this work right for us.  Its more of a short term solution and once she can do her own injections or we get her on a pump we will not be using this anymore.  It seems to be a very popular regime in our area for school aged kids who MDI, but I wonder if it is widely used.  There are endos who are hesitant to get behind it because using strictly Humalog/Lantus can acheive better, more predictable control. Thoughts?  Jodi, if you read this I know your son is on N as well and if I remember his regime is a bit different from standard, I'd love your thoughts on this.

Thanks all!