HMMMMM interesting question

ok today our school had a random drug dog test luckly my insulin was in the office but i mean do the dogs ever pick up on any of that????? that would be crazy if they did i mean just to be outside then oh they come out with ur bag and then search it and find the insulin, thats why i'm wonderign if dogs sniff that out to

that would be weird if that happened! i hope it doesn't happen to me. cuz at my school they do that kinda stuff a lot. and my doctor wants me to carry around my diabetes supplies at all times..insulin, glucose tester...that sort of stuff...

I think that even if they dogs found your insulin and the police or whatever saw it, they would completely understand...I mean, obviously you need it to live. I've learned that people with diabetes tend to get a big break in those situations. :)

That's true. The police or whoever do understand something about it. If they find it, just respectfully tell them your diabetic and that it's insulin. The police are very understanding.

to me, i think it would be funny if they found out...;) but the police would understand!

yea the police wouldn't do anything about your insulin, it is something you need to live so i hardly doubt they would even say anything.

Don't worry about insulin. They aren't looking for those kinda of drugs :) the dogs are only trained for certain  drugs like pot- promise :)