High Blood Sugars with New Pump Site

I’m 26 weeks pregnant and about 2 weeks ago, every time I change my pump site, my blood sugars jump up to 200 for about 8 hours and then finally come back down in my normal target range of 60 - 90. I have tried changing it at different times of the day, using the new site right away for a bolus, and not using it for a few hours to give my body time to adjust. It doesn’t seem to matter though, I still don’t seem to be getting insulin for about 8 hours after a site change. Does anyone have any experience with this and how to stop fix the issue? I have read that it could be inflammation from inserting and waiting to use the new site would help, but that doesn’t seem to be the case for me.

I’ve never been pregnant so take this with caution but I wonder if it would help to take a bolus before you change your set - to try to head things off at the pass, as it were? An idea to discuss with your doctor.
Congrats on your pregnancy - wishing all the best for you and your little bundle of joy.

Hi @Amcquarry I’m not pregnant but my blood sugar goes high at set change time because I get inflammation and it temporarily increases my insulin resistance. I typically use 350% of the recommended fill value for my set (I use 2.0 units it should only be 0.6) and I either walk or take a hot shower after a set change and for me, I’m flat across the change. Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

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I’m not female or pregnant but I developed that issue with pods. Do you also have a very noticeable bump where the infusion set inserted?
The only way I found to completely resolve it was to switch infusion sets, so no more pods for me.