High blood sugars with cereal

Does anyone else have this problem?  My daughter is 11 and every time she eats cereal she goes high.  It does not matter if it is a no sugar added cereal or total sugar.  She eats breakfast around 6:30 and then tests at 9:30 like her pump tells her to, and she is always between 200 and 350.  We have tried everything the dr recommended, taking the insulin 15 min before eating etc.  Does anyone have any suggestions, or do we just need to accept that this is the way it is?  The school keeps implying that we are doing something wrong.  I guess I could get up and make her eggs on school days but she would get tired of that fast!  Thank you for any help you might be able to give me.


I have to laugh about this and I will tell you why. I am an adult with T1 and have a daughter with T1 also. But a while back on a different site there was a ton of us adults complaining about this same problem. i notice it with Courtney too. I have learned to increase  insulin for both of us when we eat cereal. You will just have to play with the amount you give your daughter and slowly increase it until you find a dose that works. It took me forever to figure out exactly how much I needed for myself but it didn't take me long to figure out Courtneys needs. unfortunately she is only 4 and keeps wanting to try different cereals so I have to figure each one out.

Oh, and I do a dual wave bolus for both of us when we eat cereal. That seems to help the most keep the highs away. I usually figure out what the regular bolus would be and then add an extra 50% for the next hour or so. That seems to work best for us. Good luck!

We have the opposite challenge.  If our son eats only cereal for breakfast, he's sure to have a low two hours later.  He HAS to have protein and fat with his breakfast if he's going to make it til lunch two hours later, and is actually better off skipping breakfast than having only cereal.

I wish D-treatment was a science, but it really seems to be more of an art :)