Health care costs

Hi everyone, I’m currently planning before trying to conceive. I was wondering about the costs associated with a diabetic pregnancy. My doctor told me that I would need to come in weekly. My co-payment is $50, so the visits will certainly add up quickly! I’m wondering what other people experienced as far as coverage and health care costs. Any info is helpful!
Thanks in advance!

I was on a plan that cost me a little over $1000 a month for just me. My husband and son were on a cheaper plan. My plan had a max out-of-pocket of about $6000. I hit the max out-of-pocket and then insurance covered everything above that free. My pregnancy involved visits once every week or two until the end, at which point it increased to two visits a week, and also included a c-section and 3 days recovery. I also had a CGM and insulin pump, which I got insurance to cover and added to my expenses to reach my max out-of-pocket. So my pregnancy cost me about $18,000 in premiums and out-of-pocket expenses total. Many insurance plans include a free breast pump, so look into that as well. And my pregnancy didn’t span two years (CRAZY IMPORTANT if you’re budgeting because the deductibles and max out-of-pocket expenses reset to 0 on January 1).

I unfortunately have a high deductible plan. I wear a CGM (Dexcom) through my entire pregnancies and see it a personal requirement since my levels change frequently. I update my insulin schedules once or twice a week. You will end up using a lot more insulin by the end of the pregnancy so there’s extra cost if your insurance doesn’t cover it entirely. You will be considered high risk, so you’ll have more regular OB appointments and will likely see a Perinatologist (high risk OB) as well. My deductible is $6500 and I’ve almost met it this year already with T1 and pregnancy, but my insurance is horrible.

I don’t mean to come across as negative. Pregnancy can be a wonderful thing. It’s more challenging with T1 but honestly after having it for 15+ years I’m so in tune with my body I think it also helps me know when things are different, better and worse.

Good luck momma.

I hit my Out of Pocket Max during the calendar year I was pregnant (July - Dec) and again the year I delivered (Jan - April delivery plus follow-ups and baby visits)…we switched to a high-deductible plan now for other reasons but it definitely adds up!
I’ve heard that some endos will offer to evaluate your charts via email/phone call rather than having to visit to make a small adjustment…however mine required in-person visits we just did it biweekly during the last month or two. And when possible I asked to combine/share bloodwork tests to minimize the blood draws between all the different docs.

Hi @LE25. I’m sorry to reply so late but I wanted to let you know that I had a different experience than the ladies that answered above. I saw my endo a few times in the beginning and my co-pay was similar to yours. I then emailed her as often as I needed to for pump/dexcom data reviews. I did not pay more out of pocket for the diabetes part than I normally do in a year. I did see the “high risk” doctor several times which worked out to be roughly 50 dollars a month. I saw the OB very often and I went in for non stress tests once a week as well as for urine tests etc… and I did not pay anything for that portion because it was covered by the affordable care act as part of prenatal care. Hopefully the new health care bill, whatever it ends up being will not impact mothers and those with T1D. The only cost that went up for me a little bit, and only towards the end, was needing more pump supplies but for me it went up 20.00 over the 3 month prescription. The costs were negligible for me thankfully. Depending on your plan and the way your health care team will work with you having a healthy baby does not have to break the bank! My son was born in September 2016 and is happy and healthy as can be.