Has anyone else upgraded the medtronic minimed 670 to 770 yet?

Hi All
After spending a couple of years dealing with the minimed 670 I decided to take advantage of their upgrade to 770/780 while in warrantee plan. (They charged me 400$ to upgrade to the 770 while in warrantee) The 770 will supposedly upgrade to the 780 when and f it gets approved in the US.
The 770 sill uses the 670 algorithms for automode, but it is far less annoying with far fewer alarms. It uses bluetooth to connect both to my cell and to the new transmitter for the sensor. (you have to replace that as well.) It also uses the accucheck guide link meter instead of the contour meter.

It supposedly will convert to the 780 via a software upgrade, and will be compatible with their next generation of sensors again with a software update.

After about 2 months using it I find that it is a lot less annoying and easier to use without having multiple alarms going off. Nobody at medtronics seems to know or tell when they anticipate it will be upgraded to the 780 or the new sensors for that matter. I still have abut a year and a half warrantee on the pump and this upgrade from the 670 to 770 the has made that time far more livable for me. I will be able to tolerate this until my warrantee runs out. I figure that if they can’t get their act together and get this upgraded and come out with better sensors by November of 23 when my warrantee runs out I will switch at that point. I would definitely recommend switching from the670 to the 770 if you still have a while under warrantee and don’t want to get the tslim or other pump out of pocket.

Not from 670 but from omnipod to 770. I was having issues with the pod cannula and switching to a new infusion set seems to have solved that. So far, I’m really happy with the system…not sure about automode yet, but otherwise, I’m happy with the results.

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I’ve been a T1 for about 45 years, and a pumper for about 2.5 years. the minimed 670 was my first, and I didn’t like that at all. I like the 770 much better. Were you using the omnipod with the dexcom sensors? I have about a year and a 1/2 left on my warrantee so with this post I am looking for comparisons with other systems and for any good ideas with the 770. I have heard so much good about the dexcom sensors, and control iq. Also so far I haven’t heard much on the 770 yet

Yes I have used a dexcom for over 6 years, 4 of which I used the pods. If you’re looking for an automated delivery though, you probably know there isn’t a commercial one for that combination yet. There is Loop, an ios app that you would build yourself. It has a pretty good community support and I used it for a few weeks. It worked okay for me but not better than I can do managing deliveries myself and I broke the riley link.
I will say that sensors, like pumps, are a personal thing. MANY people love the g6, I’m just not one of them. For me, I’ve had more problems in 14-15 months of g6 wear, than all my g5 months added together.
I have been wearing the g6 and guardian 3 sensors together for a short time(2 sensors) now. The readings have generally tracked together but under some circumstances, one of them reacts faster than the other. SO in my short test so far, the only g6 advantage would be 10 days vs 7 days of wear.
I chose the 770 based on many personal criteria that are important to me. I would suggest everyone do the same and not necessarily chose whats the most popular on the net…I like clicky buttons, I like replaceable batteries and I REALLY like when a company actually responds to my questions and requests. You have about 7 years more of T1 experience than I do and the pods were my first pump.
I did not chose the 770 for its automode but if the 780 comes out anytime this year, I will switch to that one because it has a reasonable target based on my needs. HTH