Has anyone else dealt with this?

 Hello, I am Marian and I am about 10 weeks pregnant. I got pregnant and did not know I was until about 7 or so weeks. I found out in the hospital after a pump malfunction. They did an ultra sound there and I am guessing all was well since I was not told anything other than that. I am doing everything that I am supposed  to and my levels seem good. But I keep having pains and strange feelings in my stomach. This is my first pregnancy and am not sure if what I feel is normal. No bleeding has happened but I also feel light headed at times. I guess I just want to make sure nothing is wrong. I still haven't had my ob apt. but I am tomorrow. Guess I will find out then, hoping all is well. :/

I had the same thing going on and I am now the mother of a beautiful 3 month old boy, people told me it was normal. I'll keep you in my prayers, GL!

I had some discomfort early in my pregnancy too, the Dr's told me that it was my uterus preparing to stretch out and grow. It went away and now every so often I get them again. It's referred to as "round ligament pain" or RLP. However, if you continue to have issues and are getting worried, I'd bring it up to the doctors.