Halloween party

Hi everyone my daughter is 3 years old
And she is in daycare
And will be Halloween soon did you guys could advise me about some ”sugar-free” Candy for Halloween time.
I really appreciate all your advice.
Thank you all

Hi there! Hershey and Russell Stover have some pretty tasty stuff (both are sold at Walgreens), but I just want to warn you that some sugar free candy, particularly sugar free chocolate, can have a laxative on some people if you eat a lot of it. The sweeteners maitol and xylitol are what do it. That’s not to say it can’t be enjoyed in moderation! Just a lesson I learned the hard way as a little girl who liked chocolate. (again, it doesn’t affect everyone, just something to keep in mind)

Hi Adriana @Drica, it is important that your daughter have a nice, fun time but keep an eye on whatever she eats with out being overly restrictive. A special day is a special day - a three year old may not understand that .
All “sugar Free” foods are not carbohydrate free, so be sure to monitor her BG for several hours following the party. If you see that she may need a correction bolus, be very careful - maybe only give a portion of what you estimate. Highs from some of the artificial sweeteners can be tricky.

I hope both you and your daughter enjoy Halloween!