Got on the plane - FORGOT EVERYTHING

had ~2 days of meetings planned in North Carolina, I had about 90 units of insulin in my pump. i had good intentions - packed my kit and left it in my “travel spot”. but forgot the whole thing when I left.

I was on the plane when I remembered I forgot. It’s that sinking feeling that there isn’t much I can do about it. I use an average of 54 units a day, and it would be exactly 63 hours before I could get home, and only if the 265 million little random things like my flight being on time, all lined up perfectly. “darn” (I used much stronger language actually, but I don’t want the post to get lost in “pending”) NO backup syringes, and no insulin. I did have my meter, and I did have infusion sets because a set or 2 is hidden in every single piece of luggage I own.

I did actually have a backup plan. My “kid” brother is a doctor, I do have a cell phone, and I wasn’t going to South Africa. So the worst it would be is few hours in the Durham CVS, finagling a temporary script, but it’s a PIA.

anyway to make the story shorter, creative low carb eating got me all the way home with 10 units to spare, a good “basal test” and plus the “hidden” insulin in every minimed pump. close call? not really. but I figure I’d put it here and see if anyone had a similar lapse of memory.


Good going!! Good thing you did not get too stressed or sick… but in America you can get needles and insulin almost anywhere without a script.

Good job!

Had this happen when my car had broken down about 500 miles from home. Left it at a garage there to be fixed and got a rental car. A week later they told me my car was “almost ready” but neglected to tell me the mechanic had quit and my car was in a million pieces on their shop floor. Didn’t learn that until I got there.

Like you, I didn’t eat much, stuck to low carb and stretched my insulin out for 4 days. I had a syringe and short acting, so I just took a shot every 4 hours or so to act as a bolus. Won’t leave home on a day trip without extra pump stuff again. Live and learn. =)

No…but I have such anxiety before I travel about bringing enough infusion sets, sensors etc…as well as all of the meds I take…while I still travel…I much prefer travel within a few hours of home…much less anxiety producing…

That is one of my biggest fears. Glad you made it home with insulin to spare.
I just got back from a trip and forgot my insertion device and was lucky that Medtronics was able to overnight it. But my aunt’s are registered nurses so they did the manual insertion for me. But talk about panic moment.