Getting blood work done today

Well my fellow Juvies,

I am off to get my blood work done. Hopefully my a1c went down enough that I can start planning on having a baby soon! Lets hope for below 7. I think we should all hold cyber hands and pray that my a1c went down. We can start the first cyber hand holding on the internet LOL

HMM and idea? for fundraising?

Hands across Juvenation?  interesting...  :)    Good luck with the test - I'm sure you'll be below 7!

Good luck today!! Praying you are below 7!!!

    I hope all goes well and that you get the numbers that you want.  Best of luck!!!

I will pray for you,Gina !

Hi Gina:

I recently went through the whole baby thing (mine just turned 2...although it seems like just yesterday that I was pregnant). If you need any pointers or advice, for when the time comes, I'm all ears!

Good luck on your a1c!

awww good luck!!

Good luck, Gina. My thoughts and prayers are with you today.


Good Luck. I hope that you receive the results you are aiming for, I've got my fingers crossed for you : )

Gina, now I'm already waiting to hear your results. You better update us -- I'm sure you're fine!

Kirsten and others -- what a1c did your endo or MFM recommend before getting pregnant? Mine said 6.5, but I've heard 7, 6.5, even 5.5! I think they just don't know! My endo said that honestly, people have "accidents" and as long as they are under 8 and heading down quickly, the pregnancy goes fine. (That's why I used him for my pregnancy -- relaxed and optimistic!)

Somewhat related warning though, I learned that women w/ T1 who drop their a1c's very quickly (usually in order to get pregnant) have a higher risk of diabetic eye probs, so it's important to see the retinopathist (sp??) a lot to be monitored.

Good luck Gina!!!

I actually don't remember my endo recommending a particular A1C, but that's probably only because my A1C's have been fine for years.  I had been somewhere in the 6.0 - 6.6 mark for quite some time.

And actually, here's a funny story...when I was pregnant and had my first (pregnancy) A1C done, it was 6.1.  I was totally thrilled about it.  And at my next OB appt I told the nurse practitioner and she said, with a completely straight face, "we really like to see that below 6.0."  LOL  I was like, yeah right, keep dreaming.  At that point in time I had never had an A1C that was below 6.0.  So when I went back and told my endo about it she laughed and said, "yeah, good luck with that."  She knew that a 6.1 was totally awesome and she told me to not worry what the nurse said and to just keep doing what I'm doing.

Another pregnancy story is that I experienced my first DKA when I was around 7 months pregnant.  I had a pod (I'm on the omnipod) not function correctly, and it wasn't delivering any insulin whatsoever.  So my BG kept creeping higher and higher.  I thought it was just because I was pregnant and using so much insulin anyway. So I just kept bolusing, to no avail.  I never put 2 and 2 together and figured it might be my pump.  So by the time it hit 400 I was nautious and throwing up.  At that point I took off the pod and put another one on.  After that it finally started to come down again.

When I told my endo about it she said to not worry.  That because it was an isolated incident and that because the highs were only over a 24 hr period, that i shouldn't worry about hurting my baby.  It's really when you have prolonged high BGs that you need to start worrying.

I think all in all, my A1C stayed in the 6.0-6.4 range throughout my pregnancy.  And I had the occasional highs and lows that I usually have.  And everything turned out fine in the end!  So I'd say just take it day by day.  If you have a bad day, then try to make the next day better.  


That's a pretty cool idea. Holding hands on Juvination. lol. I hope your a1c level went down! Good luck!

Haha you called us Juvies. I also meant to say that your in my prayers!!!!!!! :)

Hi Gina,

Hope it went well!

I've had three children and a few things.

First one was not planned so I was horrified (1986)- that was 23 years ago so I think my AIC might have even been in the high 7's.  Didn't know I was pregnant for a month so wasn't sure about my control and I was on 1 shot of Novolin a day with humulin injections whenever I ate.  Once I found out I was pregnant, doc put me on a pump (I think it was the mini-med 502) so it was quite new back then and they had no idea if it would help pregnancy- I had a great doctor!  then I stayed on a strict diet and kept my AIC's in the 6's.  Mary was delivered by c-section (just to be on the safe side) 7 days early and weighed 7 lbs. 4 oz and was perfectly healthy.

Second and third pregnancies- Planned!  my AIC's were actually in the high 6's- before conception- once pregnant, I have to say that I always seemed to be able to tighten up my management even better because the psychological fact I was caring for another human being- and kept them in the 5's and to 6.2

Second pregnancy in 1998- high risk OB told me at my first visit that research was showing that actually keeping my AIC's in the 5's would be better!  I did it somehow!!  Sam was delivered 10 days early by c-section perfectly healthy at 8 lbs. 2 oz.

Third pregnancy- in 2001- preconception AIC was 6.8 (doc would have really like it closer to 6) anyway, kept AIC 6.0-6.2 during pregnancy and get this- at that time, the same high risk OB then said it really was ok not to be in the 5's because there was the risk of having too many low's during pregnancy and they didn't know how much low's could effect the baby.  Julia was delivered 9 days early by c-section perfectly healthy weighing 7lbs. 8 oz's.

By the way, I had top notch doctors and was on a pump with all three.

So, with that said, now in 2009, not sure what the doc's would be recommending- it certainly could change- but wanted to share how my pregnancies went to encourage you.  Yes, I took super good care of myself.  Actually, I had really good pregnancies with all three and my doc even encouraged me and said I could have more after my third!  I was 36 when I had my last one, so no way!!! 

I did have a couple of really bad days that I can remember- one where I changed my pump and forgot to prime it!!! so my sugars kept climbing one day and 4 hours into it when my BS hit 400 when I was 7 months pregnant did I realize I hadn't primed it and my tubing was empty- I had a melt down and thought I hurt the baby.  Then another when I had the flu-what could I do about that- although miraculously, I kept my blood sugars in pretty good range with that bout-  I just had to take them every hour! 

When I was pregnant,  I literally took my BS every two hours (not at night though) so would just keep adjusting.  I would get up at least once a night or twice, more at the end since I couldn't sleep anyway, to test.  Great preparation for getting no sleep when the baby is born- you will be trained at not getting much sleep so it won't be as shocking to you as it is for others!!  and I was so relieved when the babies were born that I felt like I had so much more energy than most other new moms!

Keep up the good work on your management and just do the best you can!  That is all one can do!



One other thing- I didn't want to give anyone the impression that it is ok to have your AIC's in the high 6's and then when you get pregnant, get them down.  I know the importance of preconception care and good AIC's- and I don't want anyone out there thinking well, once I get pregnant, then I will be motivated to have good control.

NO, not at all- that is dangerous thinking- really work on AIC's that your doctor recommends before conception.

I was just sharing my experience of what I went through- this is not medical advice- follow your doctor's recommendation and at the very least you will have better peace of mind knowing you planned it and did everything you could do before conception.