Funny thing you hear

 Since theres a post "things your sick of hearing" how about funny things you hear because of your diabetes"

  Mine would be a time in my biology class when I was a freshmen in highschool. I started to shoot up insulin during a important test, and I saw my teacher looking in my direction. Now I rarely told my teachers I had diabetes I normally just would shoot up when I needed to or test when I needed to.So after the class he pulls me aside and laughs and says "So your shooting up heroin" and I said "of course with a smile" then he says "Oh well its probably best to let your teachers know before hand that your addicted to insulin" and he gave a smile. 

Anyways I thought the whole deal was hilarious.

This one kid in my class asked the teacher if I had rabies. lol. I also told my friend I was high and she was like what kind of drugs are you doing??? My friends and I say that I shoot up and a teacher heard us and she was like drugs is never the answer and we busted out laughing.

Two years ago at school in Health class my teacher was teaching about the endocrine system and said something about me having diabetes and how my pancreas no longer works. My class automatically assumed that I didn't have a pancreas and i couldn't have sugar. one of my classmates asked me "Since you have no pancreas, can you have sugar?" I couldn't help but laugh. "Yes, i can have sugar. And I still have my pancreas, it just went retarded when i was younger."

Its not really that funny, but i find it funny that he though i didn't have a pancreas.