Frusterated with Levemir

I am SO frusterated right now.

I used to take 20 units of Lantus in the AM and PM but when I went to my endo the day after finding out I was pregnant he switched me to Levemir and upped it to 28/28 (he said it’s not as strong as Lantus) to tie me over til I saw the new endo and his team (as my endo doesn’t handle pregnancy).

The new endo thought it was fine to start and didn’t change the dose but dropped my lunch carb ratio due to afternoon lows.

My second appointment though I was having so many lows they dropped my Levemir to 27/27 (to be dropped more if needed). That helped so I was taking 27/27 for most of the first trimester. Now the past few days, almost a week, I’ve been going high (anywhere as high as 13 or 14) in the morning. According to my dexcom it starts going up around 3-4am.

By the time I wake up to take insulin anywhere from 8am to 9am I am already high.

I bumped my Levemir up to 28/28 but that didn’t help. Tried 29/29 for a few days, didn’t help. Now I’m trying 30/30.

So much insulin and I’m only just 14w!

Even if I go to bed with a level of 5.5 and don’t go low during the night, I wake up high! I just don’t understand what I’m doing wrong. I try to do my doses at, or near, the same time everyday.

Finally talked to the nurse at my endo’s pregnancy clinic and she told me to start going up by 2’s until the morning highs go down. Stupid morning insulin resistance. Ugh. Trying out 32 units tonight. My next pharmacy bill for my out-of-pocket portion is going to be so much higher…already going through 200 test strips in less than a month and now I’ll be going through a pen vial of Levemir in two days.