Forgot nighttime lantus


Tom forgot to take his nighttime lantus last night.  His fast acting is novalog.  He took 1/2 of his normal amount this a.m. because about 12 hours passed from when he normally takes it.

Any ideas how to get back on schedule again?  The normal amount tonight at the normal time?





I would suggest taking just a little less tonight at his normal time because he will still have some acting from this morning.  Then tomorrow night he should be able to take the full dose.  Just my suggestion, some people may have better ideas.

Ok, here was what my doctor had us do when we forgot my daughters.  They had us give her the same dose as usual right when we noticed and then the next day do the same thing but 2 hours later.  Then the next day 2 hours after that and so on until we were back on track.  Lantis is 24 hours so giving him 1/2 doesn't make it last 12 hours, it just gives him less each hour for the next 24 hours.  Hope this helps

I forget to take my lantus more than i should,

but when i do i take half of the dose when i wake up and then just take the normal amount that night,

i take half of it when i wake up so my b.s. will be level throughout the day

it works fine!

Hi Katie,

If you take the normal amount the next night doesn't that give you a little too much because the 1/2 dose you took that morning is still working because Lantus lasts around 24 hours? or its not really that much more so it doesn't really matter?




I would call the doctor to see what they say, they can give you better advice than we can.

ok you must not have understood me.  I meant the lantis you took is going to have to last until 26 hours later.  My daughter takes hers at night so when she woke up and we realized she hadn't gotten it, we gave it to her in the morning and then 26 hours later we gave it to her again, and so on until we were back at bedtime.  But you should call the doctor and he will give you advice on how you should handle the situation.

No I understood you.  My post was for Katie not you.  But thanks for your input.  I called the Dr. and he told me to do pretty much what Katie was saying.



I was told, when i was on lantus, that I should take 1/2 the dose in the morning, then 3/4 that night. the next night, the normal dose is fine. His blood sugars won't be completly normal, but it should help to stabalize him more than skipping the Lantus all together.

Haha I'm glad i could help. but yeah i don't take that much lantus in the first place so the doctor said it shouldn't harm me or anything.