Faustman's lab

Has anyone participated in the research at Dr. Faustman's Lab at MGH? I had agree to go up for one of their on-going blood draws b/c I haven't been able to get my way into their phase 2 trial. They aren't booking the blood draws until 2011. So, I wrote back saying I think my son's spring break is a certain week in April, 2011, so can I come then. The clinical coordinator wrote back saying, "We're free that week, so why don't you come that whole week (Mon, Tues and Fri)." Am I missing something? Do they mean 3 blood draws or was it a typo on her part?

Obviously, I'll write back and ask, but I thought if someone on here could clear it up for me, I could save myself the embarrassment. Also, I'm not sure we'd want to pay for a hotel room in Boston for a whole week...

Thanks all!