Family getting wrong idea

I have come to agree with Steve most of what the Dr have told me I have found better advice from someone who has been threw it. It seams like the Dr only tell me what there book says. I have a lot restriction for diet do to complications but I am changing my whole diet plan seams to be giving me a more steady bg. What I used to use in insulin for two days I use in three now.

Dieting may work for you, but OP is a 26 year old male. If his blood sugars aren’t well controlled, Im going to assume that he is very slim. He probably needs more calories, and more insulin, not less.
Some of us struggle to gain or maintain weight.


Hi Zack,

Diabetes today is very manageable and you are able to allow yourself pretty much anything provided you cover your carb intake with insulin. There are certain foods that are a bit more difficult, i.e. pizza because of all the cheesie goodness and fat (which do affect your blood sugar, just not like carbs do). Also, you will likely find it difficult to keep your target in range if you eat a lot of sweet treats - ice cream, candy…etc. BUT, if you keep your meals healthy and balanced on a regular basis, you can indulge in treats once in a while, reason being is that it is difficult not to have your sugars pike and run high even when you have given lots of insulin, also, sometimes you may give too much and then go high and then go low and there starts the ‘yoyo’ blood sugars and this is not good for your body, so keep treats as treats and eat balanced healthy meals as your usual routine. This is no different than how anyone should. be eating. A balanced meal includes carbohydrates. It includes protein, veggies. In fact, it is important to eat carbs, they will give you energy, they will fill you up, protein will keep you going and help your blood sugar to be stable. Especially if you are a young adult or teenager. You need these foods. People who are overweight cut out carbs. People who are overweight typically get type II diabetes. Type one diabetes is different in so many ways that you cannot follow all the same rules. I suggest that you bring your aunt to see your diabetes specialist with you or see if there are any workshops or conferences that you can attend together. Just be sure that they are specifically for type I. I made the mistake of going to a conference for diabetes and when I got there it was for type II. There was nothing relevant there for me, case in point. Good luck, get educated, be strong, stand your ground. If you have the knowledge behind you then you will feel confident speaking to your aunt about this and standing up for your health. She obviously loves you and a wants whats best for you but she needs to base this care (for your diabetes) on some good solid facts.
Suz :slight_smile:

I’ve been on insulin since I was 3 years old (which has thankfully been a very long time), so I feel I can speak to Type 1 issues and share experience. Since Type 2 is a different animal I think it’s best for all to stay in our respective lanes, as it were. Ask questions age perhaps make observations for learning? Certainly. But they are different conditions that have different treatment.
I see you first posted sometime last year and were having challenges keeping your numbers in a good range. It sounds like at the time you were newly diagnosed and it does take some time - and frankly trial and error - to find a plan that should work well for you. There will be challenges and “aberrations” but I hope by now you’ve found one and your well meaning relatives are staying back a bit. If they’re not, remind them that your diabetes is not the same as theirs, and you are learning all you can and working with your doctors to manage yours.
As you said, the important thing is to cover your carbs with insulin, which you can do if you know your carb ratio (if you pump) or use a sliding scale of you take injections. I’m not very familiar with Type 2 treatment, but a strict diet or the limits of oral meds may be the reason your aunt is telling you to cut your carbs. Hopefully of she sees how good your numbers are when you cover them correctly, she will back down.