Eye problems should I get checked out?

Hey guys so I've been having some stuff with my eyes going on recently I didnt think much of it until a bloodvessel in my eye burst . Should I go get my eyes checked ?


It wouldn't hurt anything to go ahead and have them looked at. I popped a blood vessel in my eye a month or two ago. After a few days it was better. Better to know its nothing than to wait and find out its serious.

I agree with C.  I am nearsighted and normally only have to wear my glasses when driving.  Lately, I needed to wear them to read the TV Guide menu.  I didn't think much of that, just thought my eyes were getting used to needing to wear the glasses.  But at my last eye doc's appt., she said that there is swelling in the back of my eyes and a little bleeding in the back of my left eye, due to my rapidly fluctuating blood sugars and high blood pressures during my pregnancy.  So, she referred me to see a retinapothist because I might need some minor laser surgery.  So, it definitely doesn't hurt to find out if it's anything serious or not, especially if you only have to pay a copayment for the office visit as opposed to a medical bill for a surgery or something.

Absolutely...take it from someone who waited to get their eyes checked when I "saw" a problem...don't wait.

Go immediately to an ophthalmologist.. I have had eye problems for the past two years, and it is best to get it checked out.

Okay thanks guys . First thing in the morning im making an appointment !