Excited and Terrified all at Once!

Hey all!

So after 6 months of trying after a miscarriage, my husband and I are excited to say that we’re expecting again! I’m 7 weeks today and had my first appointment this past Tuesday. While there they performed and early ultrasound and I saw the yolk sac, the baby measure 1 cm, and the heartbeat was 164. I’m hoping all of that is good news. I feel like I’m walking on eggshells hoping we don’t lose this one too! Any advice on how to calm my nerves? I’m absolutely terrified.

My last A1c was 6.6, I work out regularly, have been taking prenatal vitamins since the mc, and I eat fairly healthy (expect that past week or so since NOTHING sounds good.) My doctor knows how devastated we were before so she is seeing me back in 2 weeks so we can hear the heartbeat again.  Cross your fingers for us!

Congratulations.  I can't wait to hear how your pregnancy goes and before you know it you'll be posting a picture of a beautiful new baby and encouraging other type 1 moms!

Rebekah! Congrats! So excited for you and praying for you... Crossing all the fingers/toes!! I am 25 weeks this week! My first baby.

Thanks! Saw the little troopers heartbeat again yesterday (so relieved!) an all is going well so far. Extremely nauseas and lost 9 lbs! But my doctor says that’s ok for now. My a1C is up to 6.8, but again she wasn’t concerned. Hopefully I can bring it back down once I’m eating again and not terrified to take insulin.