Elevated Blood Sugars 4 hours after meal?

Hello!! I’m a recently diagnosed type 1 (5 months ago), aged 22.

Over the last 4 1/2 months I have maintained relatively good control with fasting sugars of 70-110 on average, and postprandial numbers of 105-140 (with only the occasional slip-up).
However, the last two weeks or so no matter what the content of my meal (high carb, low carb, high fat, low fat, protein always medium, etc…), I cannot bring my 4 hour-post meal sugars down.
I will eat a typical meal and take a typical dose and see a good number 2 hrs post meal (between 80-135)…then 4 hours later it will either stay up (never lower than 120) or most of the time rise even higher (anywhere between 135 and 240!).
I know that this can have to do with fat and fiber content delaying the rise in sugar from carbs, and granted, most of the time I follow a lowish-carb diet(anywhere between 15 and 60 carbs per meal) so I do tend to eat a fair amount of fat. I know that some pump-users would do a square bolus or something like that, but I’m on MDIs and I have tried splitting my dosage up with little success (I then just have high numbers 2 hours and 4 hours later). Also, my doctor mentioned that this would be for the occasional very-high fat content meal (ex. bacon cheeseburger) and this seems to be happening with all of my meals regardless of fat content.
I wondered if I might be needing to up my daily Lantus dosage and it might be a basal problem? However, if I wait 5-6 hours after the meal, my blood sugar invariably finds its way back down to 90 or so.
I also wonder if this might be signs of my honeymoon period ending?

Does anyone have any thoughts about this or experience with this kind of difficulty while eating a moderate fat-moderate to low carb diet?

PS: I am also in contact with my endo currently, but I hopefully wanted to get some anecdotal personal other type 1’s feedback :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for any advice!!

you should speak to your doctor more, but Lantus changing wont really help as much as its a 24hr insulin, You can try splitting your lantus does to morning and evenings but if your fasting blood glucose levels are great then this is more of an issue with your insulin your doing with your meals.

Id also suggest some research on foods that can help regulate your food digestion, I have the issues your having but not all the time and mine are cause by gastroparesis. You could ask the doctor for a trial period of taking a medicine like Reglan which is a medicine that can also be used for digestion regulation. These suggestions are only from personal experience but may be great to speak with your doctor about.

Fat can sometimes cause you to be a little insulin resistant – meaning the insulin doesn’t work as well. That could be part of it, but your doctor and/or nutritionist would best be able to help you fine tune everything.