Eating too many carbs when low!

I always have trouble restraining myself from ingesting too many carbs when I have a low. Does anyone else have this problem? What do you do to prevent yourself? I find my blood sugar rises too much after a low blood sugar. Optimally I would like to be around 5-6mmol/L after a low instead of 9-10mmol/L. Any suggestions?


Hello Caroline!

Someone had posted a similiar question a couple weeks/days ago (can't remember).  Here is the link:

As suggested, try setting by your nightstand a box of orange or apple juice so you can treat your low before heading to the kitchen.  As for eating when you're not low... are you waking up and eating?? Are you conscious?

Hmmmm, what do you tend to eat when you wake up?


I do this too...... I think I do it because I want that sweaty, tired, nervous feeling to go away. Then I will spike high. On my Cgm its like a roller coaster. Up, down, up down. I don't know of a way to prevent myself from doing this. My problem is that it usually happens at work. Where I'm running around doing things and there is always not so good food for me around. Atleast now I am consious of what is happening so maybe I can fix it.

I would say treat with prepackaged stuff.  So either a juice box or I use rockets most of the time.  This way you aren't tempted to grab more than you should.  Likely you will be tempted to open another package.  Make yourself test (or test 2,3 times even) before you open it.  The more you have to poke yourself to eat the stuff the less you will.... Or eat whatever you are treating with while you walk to the next room.  Don't get up off the couch/chair until you have tested 15 minutes later.

I definitely share this problem as well.  I've been getting better, but there have been numerous times where it goes low, and I just go on an eating binge.  I've gotten better at controlling myself though.  I can just relate though because it's hard for me to think straight when my BG is low.

Hi Matt - I have had that issue in the past as well.   Other's suggesting to have something on the night stand is a great idea.  Over time, along with the pump, over eating for lows caused me to put on more weight than I wanted to.  The more you can recognize the lows - whatever your symptoms might be, the easier it is to not over eat.  (sans a middle of the night b/c those just hit you)  For me, I notice that I will get a headache before anything - like my early warning sign.  Now, I usually catch it before I drop below 65-70 and I can have some juice or fruit and take care of it without feeling like I need to eat the top 2 shelves of the fridge (which has happened in the past).  

oops on the last post - meant to say Hey Caroline - I just saw Matt's last post to you Caroline and put him in there! But heck, it's for everyone right?  lol

I had this problem too. What I do now is try to  stick to 15 carbs even if I feel like my heart is going to pop out of my chest. I use Glucoshots they are really fast. I can't stand glucose tablets. Or I buy the little packaged juice boxes that are 15 carbs. If my BS doesn't raise after 15 I drink another one. If you do go on a binge you can take a couple of units of insulin during the low I knwo that sounds scary but it works.

Yeah, this is just part of the deal.  I've done it many times as it sounds like most have.  I think it's because your body know it's blood sugar is low and and sends a message to your head: EAT NOW !!  Unfortunately it doesn't send a message back to your head saying ENOUGH ALREADY in a timely fashion.  Doing what Gina and others have suggested about just drinking one box of juice and waiting is probably best, if you can do it.  But if it's going to be more than an hour or so before you eat again, you probably should have a small snack too, if you can hold it to that!  If you do overeat, all you can do is treat it like you would any other high.

You could also maybe try feeding the "I need to eat" urge with something that has no carbs in it.  Stuff your face with carrots instead??  Still tricks your body into thinking you are eating but you aren't consuming significant amounts of carbs.  It's hard to think that straight when low though....

I have this problem, too. Try eating something to raise your sugar and then eating some protein, like chicken or cheese. It doesn't have carbs (or very little) and is filling. Plus cheese helps to maintain your sugars.