Doing a senior research project about Diabetes and research

help me out diabetics? send me a personal account of your life with diabetes, and how research has changed your life. also, are you helping with research in anyway? what do you want from this research, or for the future of diabetes?

"Your life with diabetes" is kind of broad. I'm curious if you're wanting, like, the diagnosis story, or how we cope with it all this time, or specifically our life with it involving reasearch...?

Any testimonials or personal statements are greatly appreciated as well.

This can be returned in an email to or faxed.  Fax number given upon request, so please email or call for further information.

Alexandra Desch
(704) 907-9022




What is your relation to a diabetic or diabetics:                        


Are you diabetic (circle):    Yes        No

What type of diabetes do you live with (circle):

    Type 1 Juvenile        Type 2 Adult Onset            N/A       

How has diabetes influenced your life?   








What improvements in research have you seen in your experience with diabetes?








What improvements in diabetic research do you hope to see in the near future?








Are you personally involved in finding a cure for diabetes?





I'm editing this response to not sound so negative.  I suppose I should say I have some training in making surveys and if you are interested in talking about how to construct them feel free to ask here or send me a message.