Do you shave before installing a new sensor?

OK, this is a little embarrassing but here we go. I’ve been blessed or cursed however you want to consider it with a moderate amount of hair on my chest and abdomen. I place my G6 sensors on my abdomen and in the 10 day period before it’s time to change it, the adhesive gets too attached to the hair. My question is to those that have the same situation if it is advised to shave the application area to prevent the aggravation of pulling hair out when replacement time comes or if that would cause skin irritation beneath the adhesive patch? In others words what do y’all do?

Thanks to my immune system, I don’t even have eyelashes. But, yeah, the Dexcom training materials advise that you shave the insertion site if removal is causing that exact problem.

hi @rs3880

in a word. Yes. I’m half-Italian. no way I can put that thing there. Even if it stuck, I would rather die than tear it off afterwards it would be like torture. My kid loves a “Military Fade” haircut so I have clippers it takes 2 seconds to clear a LZ for my sensor.

quick story; I went for a Nuclear Stress Test (love saying that) and after they tore off the 3rd EKG sensor I screamed “OK OK I’LL TALK I’LL TELL YOU ANYTHING YOU WANT TO KNOW” and the nurse had to leave the room, she was crying laughing.

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Thanks joe. I’ll start shaving from now on. I totally agree with the torture aspect. I’ve dreaded changing sensors with the thought of consequences in the back of my mind but I still haven’t divulged any info yet, but close, however I have said words that my wife has threatened to wash my mouth out with soap for saying ! :grinning:

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I personally use Unisolve. It makes taking off my stickers less painful. I have sensitive skin and this works kind of like slickener.


I shave arms, abdomen and use tacaway or unisolve. Its the only way to actually make the adhesives work for that many days.

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Thank you Chloe. What is Unisolve and where do you get it>

It helps the sticky come off your skin without taking your hair. It’s on Amazon.

OK, thank you for the information.