Did anyone go to Camp Firefly during late 1980's?

I was a camper and a CIT at Camp Firefly in Pennsylvania in 1988-1990.  Anyone Else out there?

Hi, I went to Camp Firefly for two summers in 1974 & 1975.  It was in Spring Mount, PA along the Perkiomen Creek.  I learned a lot there and that there were other kids like me.  I remember there was an old guy there that had an office in one of the buildings and he gave out sugarless gum to the kids.  I won first place in a frisbee throwing contest.  I was always hungry because they were not feeding us enough.

I went from 1974 to 1976. Lou was the old guy (director)

I was there 86ish

I was there 86ish

amongst a scandal

I remember you Bethann, You were in cabin 5 with Jodi and Allison, Chris P, Gretchen, and Kristin was your Junior Counselor. I actually Dated Kristin for a time long after camp ended. Those were some of the best times of my childhood. I remember, Lou Magnus as camp director, Old Bill the grounds keeper, Martin the Mad Scottsman, Femke, "Uncle Ben" the kite guy. Blue and Gold Day, Ice Cream on the last day. Hiking up that stupid Mountain on "Rest Day" I would love to touch base with you again and see what you are up to. Perhaps get in touch with other campers and staff and maybe start a Face Book page. I know that this post is very old but I hope it gets to you.

Signed the "Nature Boy"

Hi Nature Boy!  Wow I was wondering if that whole group just disappered :)  You have a great memory with name!  I have pics, but don't have names on any of them :(  My memory really is horrible.  Does the "J" stand for Jason?  I always talk about Camp and can't wait for my boys to have the same expereince I had going away for camp.  I'm rarely on FB, but I'm all for it about creating a page to get in touch with the old friends.

No Beth,

J stands for John, although there was a Jason and a Jesse, I don't think either of those guys made it to senior counselor. i have already set up a Facebook page. I would love it if you would post your pics and memories there. I can probably tag names of the folks in the pics. It is SOOO great to hear from you. Those days were the best ones of my life. The only job I would have done for free. Call me if you like my cell number is 717-380-1728 and my home number in North Carolina is 828-505-2854. or E-mail me here.


Hi John.. I remeber you!  :)  I would have loved to stay on working their to.  I hated when I recieved the letter that Camp Firefly was closing, I so didn't want to go to that huge camp in Jersey.  I'll work on finding the pics this week/weekend and get on Facebook, I'm so never on there, but this will be great if we can reconnect with others :)

Beth, send me your E-mail address so I can have more direct contact. Mine is jhey42.1@juno.com