Diagnosed 08/2017

So much reading and managing. As a single parent I’m feeling overwhelmed at times and feel like I’m missing or forgetting things at others.
Any resources that may help?

Hi Joanna @WonderMom75,

i can understand that you could be swamped with information and feel overwhelmed with information - sometimes contradictory. Yes there are somethings you need to remember but the necessary few “must do” will be automatic - you don’t mention your child’s age.

My thought, which may at first appear to contradict what you are hearing and reading, just relax a little bit and take a deep breath.

First, be a loving, caring and observant parent - try to notice, without constantly asking “are you OK?” any change in your child.
Second, check BG regularly and also check if you notice behavior that her/his BG might be dropping.
Third, make certain that insulin is taken as directed by the doctor / care team.
And Fourth, which ties in with “First”, provide your child AND yourself with regular, well balanced meals at times to fit in with insulin dosing - once again as advised by her/his care team.

There are many apps available to help you keep track, but adding something else now might just add another chore. Do keep in touch here and post pr message me if you want. I’ve had diabetes for more than 60 years and what I have started to use in the last half dozen years is keep a small spiral notebook in my shirt pocket and write the time and BG reading plus the carb count of meals and insulin dosage. In the past I’ve used logs that do everything except cook my meals.

We will be pulling for you

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