Diabetic Alert Dog (DAD)

Hey everyone, i have recently applied for a diabetic dog and have a go fund me for it ( gofundme.com/help-david-get-a-diabetic-alert-dog ). I was wondering what you guys think about them?

Hi David, I just read your story on your go fund me page. I love the idea of a DAD. In conjunction, you should also ask your doctor about a continuous glucose monitor. This device will predict your highs and lows too, and there are plenty of programmable alerts to warn you. Sensors can be costly but I am unsure how that compares to a service animal. Either way, best of luck to you. Please keep us updated on your journey.

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Hi Emily, thank you for checking out my GoFundMe, it really means a lot to me (:smile: I have checked out and used devices such as the Dexcom and i did not like it and i am in wrestling so the dexcom is most likely to be pulled off when i am being grabbed or falling. I will definitely keep you updated though!