Diabetes Sentry Hypoglycemic Device

Has anybody heard of or had experience with the Diabetes Sentry wearable device which sounds an alarm when blood sugar starts to trend downward? It is a wrist band device that detects an increase in perspiration and a drop in skin temperature. I use a freestyle libre and do not have a pump so I have no way of knowing if my bg is falling rapidly during sleep. Just wondering if anyone uses this and if they recommend it

hi @drkatt Kathleen, sorry in advance… I don’t have one of these.

The device has been in manufacturing since 2013. The website indicates this only works if you are NOT hypoglycemic unaware… meaning that this works only if you consistently get symptoms of hypoglycemia.

What disturbs me about the product is that the typical response to night time hypoglycemia, for those that are not unaware, is that you wake up. Since you have the Libre… if you wake up at night it’ll take you a minute to swipe the Libre and find out what it says… just my opinion.

also and since you are having good results with the Freestyle Libre… you might want to check out the BluCon Nightrider by Ambrosia, which is a small powered device you place over your libre, which shoots reading to a phone application, that can alarm overnight… just like a guardian or Gx by Dexcom. this is very much an opinion and it might even be a bad one.

cheers good luck!

Thank you I will look into it!

Hi @drkatt. If you’re interested in a “continuous read” CGM (Freestlye is cool but doesn’t read constantly), Dexcom’s G5 has a handheld receiver you can use if you don’t use a pump. It’s a tad bit larger than the AccuCheck guide BG meter if you’re familiar with that one, so it fits easily in a pocket or most purses.