Diabetes education

I have recently re-connected with my ex, and we have been together for two years and starting to talk about marriage. The thing is, he really doesn't know much about T1 and what all it means. He knows I want to have children one day more then anything, but I'm not sure if he really understand what that will mean for me, or the baby...and the chance of the baby getting T1...Does anyone know of any books or movies that have alot of information on T1 diabetes to where he can learn about it? I want him to understand what needs to be done if i'm high/low, the mood swings behind a bs, what exactly ketones are, the risks and complications...I try and tell him, but he doesn't seem to understand...Any advice would be great!




Maybe go with him to an information session at the diabetic clinic near you? Better than asking him to read a book(which he might not end up doing) or watching one of those boring science movies about the disease. Also gives him a chance to ask questions if he is confused by something.

I would check with your local JDRF office or Diabetic Clinic at the hospital to see when they are having the sessions and how to register.

Anecdotally, I always heard that T1 skips a generation. I haven't looked at the science recently, but there are no clear 100% genetic links. It's never a guaranteed thing, so what's the point in stressing out about something that's unlikely. There are a lot of physiological dysfunctions that a lot of people may have elevated risk factors for  (autism, MR, depression, anxiety) and people don't generally discuss. I'm sure that understanding the risk would be far different than dealing with the situation if you have to do so.