Diabetes and nerve damage

i am living with type 1 for nearly 3 years now....and i have nerve damage too. not just from my spinal cyst but also my feet is starting to lose it's feeling. does anyone here use medicines (otc and rx) to help with nerve pain?? i currently use neurontin.

I use Lyrica, Neurontin didn't work out well for me

I had nerve damage (neuropathy) in my left foot a few years ago. After tightening my control, stabilizing my BG levels and no longer having a roller coaster type of control. all the symptoms of neuropathy disappeared. I have had no trouble with it for 3 years now. Using medication will help relieve the pain, but eliminating the problem by getting good, stable control is the best medicine.

I had extreme itching in my extremities when I exercised, and my endo prescribed neurotin, saying it was related to neuropathy. I hate taking meds I don;t need to, so I lowered my a1c. It's mostly gone away for the last couple of years.

I would definitely take a med if you need it and not feel guilty! But, you might want to see if you can't get good results by lowering your a1c if you want to try it first.

P.S. Reading over my last post, I made it sound like I was amazing and just lowered my a1c. I actually had to b/c I wanted to get pregnant, lol. But, happily, the nerve stuff cleared up too as a result. (: I'm not as motivated as Richard, but I try!!