Dia-versary Card?

My diabetes anniversary is coming up in a couple months. Every year I think about the Dr who diagnosed me & everything I went through together with him. I no longer see this Dr since i no longer live in the same area. So my question is, would it be weird or ok to send a card on my anniverary thanking him for what he did. Does anybody else do this?

I think that’s a great idea!!! Your diaversary is a big deal and I think your doctor would really appreciate getting a card from you. Go for it!

i love that idea - a very brave doc saved me 37 years ago and I lost touch - I should have died that night so YES send a thank you!!! and pray for him/her as well. peace!

I think it’s a great idea! The doctor that Diagnosed me has since passed away. Every year, I send a donation to the foundation he started for Diabetes Research to commemorate the anniversary of my diagnosis. It serves two purposes: 1 - commemorates an important event / the work you did with your Doc. 2 - Commemorates how far you’ve come since diagnosis! 36 years with T1D and counting here…keep up the good fight!

I love this idea! Now I have to figure out how to implement it. I don’t know if the doctor who diagnosed me is still alive (I was diagnosed 54 yrs ago), but there is a doctor still out there who really helped me in my teens, so I may try to look him up. I also like the idea of donating at that time of the year just to mark the occasion. Thanks guys, you’ve given me something to think about!

Pam K
T1D 54yrs and counting!.

Having had several health issues, I make a point of keeping in touch with my (favorite) doctors.
several have said it was such a nice surprise as they often never hear back.

After my first Brain surgery, I was told, it would be almost impossible for me to have a pregnancy. I made a point when my daughter was born, to bring her to my (Canadian) neurosurgeon and endo (As I now live in the States.) Because without them, She would have never be.
I also always do my best to visit my neurosurgeon when I come in to visit friends and family. He often says im the only one he still hears from (and he was the chief neurosurgeon for more than 30 years at his hospital and one of the best in Canada)

In one of the ICU unit I stayed in, they had a board with cards and pictures from patients. I learned a lot about gratefulness there.
When I worked in a pain management clinic, some patients would bring a little something for the nurses.

I would definatly do it if I were you. What he did on the day you were diagnosed was nothing short of a miricle. Same with all of us. None of us would be here today without amazing doctors who knew what they were doing and saved us from death. Thanking them someway is something we all need to try to figure out how to do. I have been 7 years alive with T1D because of an amazing doctor and I have no way to thank him. Take the chance while you still have it. :heart::smiley: