Dexcom sensors and BG dosing

Hi I am new to the Dexcom arena. Been Type 1 for 6 years on the Animas Vibe now. I believe I read somewhere online here that some of you are keeping the sensors active for longer than the 7 days. How do you do that? Do you just stop and start a new session??
Also, if my CGM shows my BG is i.e. 100 before dinner can I use that number in calculating my insulin dose or must I test with my meter each time? thank you

Yes, you can certainly dose your insulin based on the Dexcom CGM readings. You only need to calibrate twice a day. I do it morning and night. After the 7 days the sensor will tell you it ends. You hit stop sensor and then start sensor and you are good for another week. It will need a 2 hour warm up period.

Great, I was hoping I could get more days out of the sensor and save me some money too. Thanks for the reminder that it needed the 2hr period too, I would of forgot that. Glad I can use the Dexcom for dosing insulin too, that will save money in less strips. Thanks for your help!