Dexcom connection issue?

Hello my sweet friends. A few weeks ago I upgraded from my T-Slim insulin pump to the T-Slim X2; and from Dexcom’s G4 CGM to the G5 (my insurance doesn’t cover the G6 but I’m good). I like the convenience of having my pump act as the receiver. I carried my G4 receiver in a Very Bradley zippered ID case with a plastic front - it was a tiny bit loose but I could see the screen and adjust the buttons quite easily - and at night I would wrap the neck strap around my bedpost so I could find it easily if it alerted me in my sleep. The pump is supposed to do that now but I’m having an issue and am wondering if this has happened to anyone else: despite the fact that my transmitter and receiver are closer now than with the G4 there are times I don’t get an alert. This morning I woke up feeling low and discovered I was in the 50s and my pump showed the No Connection icon (or whatever the term is) - and there had been no readings for a couple of hours! I must have slept through an alert and will need to change my volume, but I don’t understand how this happened in the first place.
I have worn my sensor on my arm, but it’s difficult to place by myself and my insurance only allows one box per month so I can’t afford to waste any. So I use my abdomen, and switch sides each time I change, trying not to use the same spot as before. I sleep mostly on my back or my side but perhaps I’m lying on my pump/receiver. Could that cause interference? I’ve also gotten interference when I put my pump in the pocket of my jeans, on the opposite side of where the sensor is place (sensor on left side of abdomen, pump receiver in right pocket, and vice versa). In those cases I clip it to my waistband, but it usually slips off or the clip comes out.
Anyone else having these issues?