Desperate need of help for finding a doctor to treat frozen shoulders and who has knowlege of diabetes

Is this even possible? I would like to find a rheumatologist with some background in diabets. Although my ortho dr. is very good, the pain is never ending. "You have diabetes, and it needs to be under great control for a long time to see some relief" is no long enough for me. My control has been good for almost 3 months to 5 months now and I want some sign of it iworking. Two pointless surgeries, and nowt he frozen joint is beginning in my left shoulder as well. Two frozen shoulders? You have got to be kidding me! I can't take the lack of sleep and constant pain, it is affecting my job and relationship. I need help dressing, have bought a bidet, and am finding all I want to do is sleep all day. PT is expensive and I feel like I don't mind paying if someone could just stop this pain. I will do anything, pay any amount, and I have had no relief. Any advice, anyone know of a doctor (title) that I might look into to. I have tried acupuncture, and only got minimal relief ~ not enough to justify the $75 dollar bill I was paying for one session a week.

any advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated,


I suffered this on my left shoulder and it affected all areas of my life, I found a good bone and joint dr. that used arthroscopic surgery to fix mine. There were 3 holes front, side, and back about the size of a sharpie and healing was less than 60 days. That was 20 yrs ago and my shoulder still is great shape.

Campbell Clinic in Memphis is great and the physical therapists are wonderful.

I just had that!!  My Rhumatologist at Beth Isreal Deaconess hospital in Boston gave me cortisone shots in both shoulders... It really hurt at first, but now is feeling much better!