Desperate for a CGM for my daughter

I am a single mom in IL, my daughter was DX 3 months ago, and hitting lows constantly. Our insurance doesnt cover a cgm :frowning: and I am so desperate for one, especially since I’m now too afraid to sleep BC I’m constantly terrified of her falling into a low while sleeping. I work two jobs. Can’t afford a Cgm out of pocket… Does anyone have any resources?

Thanks for posting. Some of the companies may offer financial assistance. Even if you have the CGM covered the sensors need to be ordered and replaced so that is an ongoing cost. Maybe start with Dexcom and talk with someone in support?

Bigger picture, our son is 14 and has been T1D for 2 years. We found that we had to address the issue of the lows before going on the CGM because its common for them to go off the CGM and then have to rely on management through just metered testing. Can you provide any more info about your daughter- age, how many lows per day, etc.? You can DM me on twitter if you want to talk and can offer some advice on how we treat my son’s lows (@racolej).