Dads with T1D kids

Here’s an informal poll to all the dads out there.

At my house, we all pitch in to help manage my daughter, Cassie’s diabetes control. Mom, Dad, Big Sis. My wife carries an inordinate amount of the burden. In my travels I found that moms rather than dads are the primary caregiver. D-Mom is the superhero; D-Dad is the sidekick. I’m curious though. Who takes care of diabetes beast at YOUR house? Mom… or dad?

@red, When I lived with my parents, it was definitely my mom. I wish my dad would have been more involved (even now sometimes!) because it could have helped him understand diabetes better. He believes all those diabetes cure type things, and it drives me crazy sometimes! I have to bite my tongue all of the time not to get mad LOL

I like your analogy of superhero and sidekick! That is funny!

I’d say we are close to 50-50 in my house & dad (my husband, Steve) probably does more for our daughter’s D care. But, alas, I get all of my own D care too. Of course, we were 50-50 in infant/toddler/school age care too.