Concerned About My Feet

I absolutely ADORE walking around barefoot, but everyone fusses at me and demands that I go and put shoes on. Am I really damaging my feet by walking around without any support on my feet?

It depends…does your endo do regular foot checks on you? Any neuropathy concerns mentioned yet? If not, you might be just fine to walk around barefoot within reason. Most people who have diabetes for many years experience some neuropathy in their feet, which reduces sensation and can result in injury to the foot without you realizing it. In my case, I’ve had T1 for 33 years and in the last year or so have noticed I can’t feel temperature on my feet as well as I used to. I still walk barefoot around the house because I can still sense even a little crumb on the floor, but outside I do put on sandals. It’s never a good idea to go barefoot at the beach for any length of time (sand is essentially ground-up glass!) - get some of those cute water shoes.

At a minimum, it’s important to develop a daily habit of giving your feet a quick check after you get out of the shower. Check between the toes and the underside of the foot for any irritations, sore spots, or discoloration. If you see anything, keep an eye out for a couple of days and contact your endo if it continues. This only takes about 20 seconds a day, it’s just building the habit.

I fully agree with the advice offered by @angivan. I really enjoy walking barefoot but I know not to walk outside any more. I keep a magnifier mirror under the bench where I usually sit to put on my stockings and shoes so I can conveniently check my feet - it takes only a few seconds.

Ten years ago I got a severe infection from a cut on a toe at the beach - I ended up in an everyday (Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays included) for over two months visiting an infection doctor for an IV of heavy antibiotic infusion to kill the infection - it wasn’t pleasant. Since then I’ve visited a foot doctor every two months for an inspection. Now even when swimming I wear something on my feet.