I have a 15 year old son who has Type 1.  Last week I called the ambulance for the third time in ten years because he passed out and had a sezure in the shower.  He had a low.  How do I send him to college in 3 years???  Has anyone already been throught this???

I am so sorry to here this. My daughter is only turning 8 here soon and I am dreading things like that. I hope you can find some answers. Maybe just try mentioning your worries to your Doctor and maybe he will have some ways to deal with it. Maybe when he goes to collage he can start wearing a CGM and that would help so that he doesnt end up too low! Take care and I hope you dont stress out too much. We do have to realize we can only do so much. As long as you know you are doing what you can than that should be good enough and hopefully we can be strong for what comes to them in the future.