Cold pack for insulin pens

Hi, I’m on a pump, but like to have a backup of pens as a just in case. Does anyone know of a case that will keep my pens cool in the glove box of my car? Or would it be advisable to keep them somewhere else in the car? Advice required on both q’s, thanks.

Unless you live in Ireland, the glove box on a sunny day would be bad… there isn’t enough insulation and cold pack for a hot day in Phoenix. I vote for a different location. My backup kit is in my home fridge. My reasoning is that I can always just go get it in a equipment failure. It’s worked for many years now.

Hi Joe, thanks for the response. I’m based in the UK so… Would my boot be better, thoughts?

I’m always afraid of the sun cooking whatever is in the car. But it can be very sunny here. One thought is that the backup plan has got to work. Good luck!

Indeed yes, I think I’ll need to find a completely different location…thanks for your comments though…

Hi Sally @Scrumpyjack65, unless you are continually “on-the-road” and a considerable distance from a home or work location, why have your back-up supplies with you unless you have experienced frequent pump or infusion site failure. I understand that an infusion set can be accidentally yanked out, but pump “failure” or an infusion set going bad takes a while.
Personally I wouldn’t leave insulin in my car for more than a couple of minutes - I live in Florida - but when necessary I use a Frio-pac. I’ve also been looking at a mini refrigerator to install in my roadster for an anticipated road - camping excursion.

Hi Dennis, thanks for the response. Ive decided now not to leave pens in the car based on the responses from @joe

I have got into the habit probably a bad one of having insulin pens nearby in case I need a quick shot for a high rather than wait for the pump to respond with a temporary basal. All lessons learnt :slight_smile:

Hi Sally, just commenting on the above, a temporary basal is for when, as an example, you are about to go for a morning run (temporary reduced basal) or if you are going to be binge watching “Game of Thrones “ for the afternoon (temporary higher basal). Most of the time, a correction, such as a 3 PM high blood sugar, is taken as a correction bolus in other words it is taken all at once and when doing so with a pump it is exactly equivalent to a shot from a pen.


Hi Joe, interesting information that you’ve posted. As you say a fine difference between temp basals and corrections. I’ve never seen any of the game of thrones programmes yes there really is someone. By the sounds of it something to avoid it affects your bgs so much :slight_smile:

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