CKD? Feeling out of control

I recently did some lab tests, my a1c has been 6.5 for the last year. But the rest of my tests seem to be getting worse as my a1c gets better. My last GFR test was 88, I have read that, that is stage 2 of CKD. I am only 22 years old, I feel so helpless with this disease. When I was a teenager I was a terrible diabetic my a1cs were usually between 8-10 but as I got older I realized I didn’t want this disease to kill me so I started to be more responsible with my diabetes and finally got my sugars under control. As my sugars have gotten better it seems that the rest has gotten worse…kidneys, bp, electrolytes. I feel so helpless in this disease. Any words of advice on how to keep pushing through while managing this disease and everything that comes along with it? I don’t really have support from friends or family on this.