Chronic active Epstein Barr and type 1 diabetes

Can anyone out there relate to me ? I have chronic active Epstein Barr which is said to of caused my sudden onset type 1 diabetes. My body is attacking its self and my organs . I can not find one other person that this has happened to and would love to find someone who could understand or help. CAEBV is not common. It is a step up from EBV because it never stop it never goes away. It is always active. I am now insulin dependent. If anyone can relate please contact me. Thanks.

There appears to be a lot of references on the internet for people who had EBV and developed T1D, but I’m not finding any information about people dealing with both concurrently. A few of the links are posted by Mayo Clinic. Have you reached out to them to see if they have any information or contacts you could try to build support?

I have not as of yet , but I will look into it. I understand what I have is not common, that is why I am in need to find someone who can relate. Thank you for you reply.