Child Care Options in Pittsburgh

We are having trouble finding a child care option for my 4 year old son who was just diagnosed a month ago. My mother-in-law used to provide that for us, but she is not comfortable managing the diabetes. Does anyone have any resources to find one or know of someone in the Pittsburgh area?

Katie @Katie5, this is not a judgment but rather an observation.
In time, I suspect that you mother-in-law could very easily provide loving care for your son once she overcomes the initial shock and concern. I suspect that she has heard mostly the “bad” side of diabetes and not how easily children adjust to their new normal. I truly suspect that she [MIL] is loving, caring and observant by nature and especially when she has responsibility for her young treasure. Really all she will need to learn is insulin dosing [for which you have provided guidance] and how to perform a simple BG Check - I lived with diabetes for 30+ years before digital meters came into use.

An example of learning; in my later 50’s I learned how to care for an extremely premature [22 weeks] granddaughter who was born without an immune system, partial lung and meningitis and I had to learn to start and provide antibiotic IV, observe her breathing and restart breathing occasionally and everything else - at 21 [her birth certificate says she is 21 but in gestational years she is still 20] she is now a professional pointe ballerina.

@Dennis I have no doubt she will get there, we just need an option in the interim. I don’t have FMLA at work and my husband is self employed and doesn’t have an option. We just need to find someone until that comfort happens for her.