Chest pains

Alright, for the past day or so I have been having severe chest pains. I am nervous because I have never had this feeling before. I have had chest pains but not like this. I am seeing how I feel tomorrow night because my mom thinks it might be nerves about going back to school. I was wondering if anyone had ideas on what is causing the pain. Im 13 so I doubt its a heart attack but who knows.

If it doesn't disappear soon, I'd check with your dr. Maybe it's bad heartburn?

Hope you feel better soon!

It could be heartburn or nerves or a combination. The best thing to do is go to see your doctor, he will have the best answer and give you tests to figure it out.

I hope you feel better soon....

When I was 18 I had bad chest pains, worse than the usual due to my chronic bronchitis. I ignored it until I eventually felt like I was having a heart attack like you described. I went to the ER and found out it was a bad case acid reflux. It got so bad that my esophagus (sp?) was eroded and I gave nyself an ulcer. I was put on medication and a horrible, bland diet. I'm not trying to scare you, but please don't ignore chest pains.


thank you all for you concern and they disappeared earlier and now they are back. the pains are less severe. i am in less pain and maybe it was nerves. something that did make me feel better was, today my boyfriend, Eric, brought me a dozen red roses to school for our one month anniversary. it distracted me which was a good thing.

Sometimes people focus on chest pains too much and it increases their chest pains because they are nervous about them. So, try not to change your daily routine too much and try not to focus on them. Though, if they don't go away or get a lot worse, it would be good to get a medical check-up to make sure you're alright.

thanks for the advice. i am trying to keep my routine the same, although life as an 8th grader is very unpredictable. my friends are concerned and are making sure im alright. i have a good support system which should help me focus on something else.

I stayed home from school today and scheduled a doctors appointment. turns out that inflamation was causing the chest pains. the cartilage between my ribs and my sternum was inflamed. it is most common in children my age and lasts for a few days, sometimes longer. the doctor said it wasnt anything to do with my organs. if the pain continues for another week, then i should schedule another appointment. i am relieved to know what has been causing the pain. now i am taking aspirin and using heat to soothe the pains.

That's good to hear. Not that you aren't feeling well, but that you know what it is and can treat it.

i am glad i know what the problem is too but nothing is helping. i stayed home from school again because the pains are so bad. i am also taking heartburn medicine to see if it helps but it doesnt. ibprofin(prob spelled it wrong) isnt helping either.