i have a medtronic insulin pump and it has the cgm component with it, but when i first started on the medtronic i didn't want to try and do too much at once. however, now i am trying to gain back control of my diabetes because for the last year i have not been doing the things that i need to be doing to take proper care of myself. i am thinking that a cgm might be a good thing to have, but not real sure yet?! just wondering how others feel about it all....

I have both.  I have been a T1D for 34 yrs and never did the right thing until the last year or two.   I got the cgm first back in July and just started on the medtronic pump that goes withit in October.  So far so good.  But be prepared to deal with alot, and I mean ALOT of beeping from it until you get things under better control.  Although there have been quite a few moments where I was attempted to see if it could fly.. I have gotten my A1c from a 13.1 last August to a 6.8 in october.  It is a pain at first, but definately worth it.  Feel free to ask me any wuestions.  I am far from an expert, but I'll be honest and tell you what I know.  Good Luck!

wow thats great i actually go tomorrow to a doctors appoint for the first time in almost a year because i just didn't wait to go and deal with it all. i am thinking about asking the doctor about starting the cgm, but want to make sure that it is something that is worth my time and effort...i am glad to hear that it seems to be a good option. most things with the pump take time and effort when first starting, but in the end are totally worth it.

Make sure your insurance will cover it though.  It is very expensive if not.  Some insurances will cover the pump , but nnot the CGM.. If you have trouble, you need your doctor to write a letter to your insurance company saying that you have" hypoglycemia unaware"  which just means you have a hard time recognizing the symptoms of hypoglycemia.  It is a good thing, and makes a HUGE difference.  Like I said there are some things that can get to be a bit much, but you can get the Medtronic rep to go over how to fix it so they dont beep so much or whatever problems you are having.  I dont know where you live, I'm from MA and my Medtronic rep is Carol Jensen... she is amazing and follows up with you to see how you are doing.  

I love my MM CGM..and could NOT live with out it! I got my pump just over 4 yrs ago..and decided to just gett the pump, so I could learn about it first.  Then about a year and half later, I added the CGM component.  It has saved my life a few times by waking me up when I am low.  Being hypo-unaware and living's all I have to keep me alive!

I'm glad I got them separately.  If I had gotten at the same would have been information overload for sure!  Carol Jenson trained me too!  My first transmitter lasted almost 2 1/2 years, and then it was frustrating getting a replacement in a timely manmner.  The gal at Joslin who handles the pump/CGM was sick of me calling and emailing her.  But it worked..I had the new transmitter within a few days.

The new Revel pump has too many buzzers and bells, in my opinion.  I am glad I was trained on the older 722 model before my 1st pump died.  I did try some of the newer things added to the Revel..but found that I was beeping/buzzing/vibrating way too much. So I turend the predictive alerts off all together, and set my low target a bit higher.  I do love it!

I'm about to start some 26 hr study for some new glucose sensor system. From what I know, it compares fingersticks to whatever the new technology is...The said I would be given an IV to take blood from every 15 minutes............and it pays over $500 for one visit!  I'm truly hoping I get picked to do it...and to hopefully help develop some new BG testing device.

A good idea to check with your insurance about coverage before you get anything!  I'd also suggest getting the 3 days blind study done...that way you'll get to wear the sensor and feel what it's like to wear it.  If yo are hypo-unaware...a CGM is a GOOD thing!  The only bad thing is that there is a very steep learning curve..where to wear, when to change it out, how to interpret's a lot to learn..but the info is so uselul once you learn how to insert and use....and to calibrate.  Very important to learn when best to calibrate!  And how to extend a life of a sensor to more than the 3 days it is approved for.  I've worn mine as long as 20 days before it died...but it made a bad mark on my I now limit mine to 7 days,and they to change it out on Sundays.  I can usually get the 7 days out of it before it has to be detacjhed from the sensor and recharged.

All I can say....if go for prepared to be frustrated while you learn the tricks to get it to work best for you!!!

Michelle, MM723 and CGM, 4.5 yrs.  IDDM 40 years.  LOVE MY PUMP and CGMS

thank you so much for was very interesting to read. lots to think about but i feel as though it is very important info. i am going to give it considerable thought and i think that the 3day blind study is a great idea. do i just have to ask my doctor about this?!

Yes, ask your MD if you can have the 3 day blind study.  It will let you feel what the system feels like..the insertion of the sensor (done at MD's office).  Good recored keeping will be needed as you will not see the results of the 3 days until you go back to the MD's office and they upload the info, and then you can compare it to you record keeping (carb counts, exercise, emotional feelings, sickness, etc).  It's a good start, especitally if your MD is hesitant to prescribe the unit for you.  I'd highly suggest asking for it, just to get a sense of how the unit functions.

Best of're going to LOVE it!

Michelle, happy MM723 and CGMS user!

I have a CGM with my Medtronic pump. When I first got the CGM, I had a hard time figuring out when to calibrate it and set it all up, so I was only using it about 25-50% of the time because I was frustrated. When I figured out how to use it and calibrate it and set the high and low thresholds, I learned to love it. Now I can't live without it! Good luck!

thanks so much for advice...i just got back from my doctors office and inquired about the cgm so i am going to do the 3 day blind test to see what i think of it and go from there. i think that it is a great option and tool that could potentially help me. we will see what happens.

tHE cgm HAS DONE WONDERS FOR ME, NUT AS NOTED ABOVE. LOTS of BEEPING. Being able to see what my sugars are doing so easily, really motivates me. Ater almost 45 years with type 1, any form of motivation helps. Oh yes, be sure insurance covers it. One additional feature I also use allot is the CARELINK. I simply do an upload, e-mail my CDE, and we work together to make basal rate adjustments.

Good Luck, just like the pump, technology continues to amaze me. Before we know it, our phone will have a CGM in it with an additional warning.