Carnival Cruise

Hey guys I’m going on a Carnival Cruise next week and would like to know if anyone else has gone on one.

We read that you cannot store you insulin in the mini fridge so I’m wondering how to store insulin vials and such.

Also any advice I could get for going out of the country and on a cruise?

@Racheltoner hi Rachel. wow cool I hope you have a blast on your cruise.

Insulin should be protected from freezing. A mini fridge might not be sensitive enough to keep something cool and not frozen. I never refrigerate, or frio-pack, or take any special precautions with my insulin when I travel and I’ve been all over the world this year… insulin is fine at room temperature. I protect mine from direct sunlight.

it’s not a bad idea to ensure you can get insulin wherever you are going or ask the ship hospital… many countries insulin is over the counter but the names can be different than what you are used to.

if you pump make sure you are bringing enough supplies. last time I went far off the beaten path (to India) I brought a pump backup plan, which for me was a bottle of lantus and syringes.

have fun!

Hi Rachael @Racheltoner, in what @Joe has said [his “travel plan” is very similar to mine], may I suggest that if you are planning to be away for an extended period, that you obtain a loaner pump just-in-case.
I know that Medtronic has a loaner program - or at least they had one, and I’ve heard that Tandem also has a pump loaner plan. For OmniPod, just bring plenty of their throwaway…

look up FRIO insulin cooling bags.

We recently did 2.5 weeks in Europe and this bag worked great for me. You just dip in water for a few minutes every third day or so and SHAZAM! nice cool insulin.


So I plan to use whatever area they tell me to put my insulin vials at but I have another question.

There is a Hot tub and i’m on the pump (Minimed 630g) it is water proof so i can swim with it on but since the hot tub is higher than room temp so I take it off when im in the hot tub?

@Racheltoner. Hi Rachel the pump is easy to disconnect and so I don’t swim or hot tub with mine. Or shower for that matter. Hot tubs can melt the infusion set adhesive so check it when you come out.

Insulin is fine for a month or 2 months at room temp

It will last until the expiration date in the fridge as long as it doesn’t freeze

It’s good for 3 days at around 100F

@Racheltoner have a great time! Insulin opened is about 28 days room temperature - so in your stateroom should be fine. When I travel to places where I don’t know what my options are, I pack my frio bag, extra unopened insulin, and syringes. For the hot tub + Minimed - I would disconnect. And bring extra insertions and adhesive in case they get loose, fall out, etc. (I’m omnipod now - so I bring twice what I plan to use just in case). The biggest thing about cruises is the increase in food & beverages. :blush: and you’re on vacation (food= ^^^bgs. Vacay=relax=lower bgs for me).

Have a great trip!