Carb apps

i just got an iphone (yaaaay finally!) and i know it's been talked about before but im too lazy to search their the threads.

did anyone find a good carb counting app? i need help with that the most (i have an ultrasmart so i dont need a logbook app) so it would be awesome to get something like that!

bonus if it has canadian restarurant information! just did a quick search and found "carbscontrol" but its all american

No help really. I just got a Droid and would also love a good reliable carb app. I hate going out and having no idea. I'm pretty good at estimating, but restaurants all tend to add stuff in that throws me for a loop. Plus, since I don't use sauces alot at home I'm clueless when it comes to that stuff

I have Livestrong Calorie Tracker and Track3-Diabetes Planner and Carb Counter. Livestrong has a very extensive food database, but you have to type in the food or the restaurant. Track3 has a large database as well and you can type in a food or restaurant, or you can also just click on the restaurants listed and click on the place and see their menu. Personally, I find Track3 easier because I don't have to type in the restaurant, but I like Livestrong because they have almost every food imaginable. 

these are iphone apps?

Yes, both are.

The Track 3 one looks pretty cool.

I've used the Lose It! app because it's free.  It gives carb counts, but doesn't have a good way to track boluses or test results.  It works fine as a carb counter though. 

I bought track 3, but not sure it was worth the $6 for me haha. it's all american restaurants with only a few canadian ones so it's kinda useless when i search for that kinda thing. it seems to be okay with the general as long as i don't try to find "sushi" (like i did today as we went for sushi for our office xmas lunch) hopefully it'll work!

Batts, Sorry about Track3 not having Canadian info. I can't find any apps that have Canadian nutrition info. 

oh it's not your fault!! i didn't mean it like that!! <3

I've tried about three different ones, so far Livestrong is by far my favorite. It has examples for most any food.