Cant wait for the game

Next Wesday the 25th,And after that I am going home and have thanksgiving the next day. I will tell u all I want to all to kown what happends at the game and how it goes. Hope all goes well with this game. 

but my mom is not going to the game and i kown she will be like dont forget ur checker and stuff like that, just friday she said "Jaimie keep ur pure nexted to u at all time ok?" OK mom i always do. and i do kown that I am tacking with me some sncks and the tabs and i have/will to pack my lunch. Wish me luck, I"ll tell u all how it goes. :)

jaimie... i don't think anyone has any idea what you're talking about. sorry :o(

I gotta agree with a bit lost

Sorry, my school(middle school) is going to be closed the 25th because we are going to the Cental Michigan University, I guess what i am asking/saying is what do I tack/bring to the game?