For some reason for the past couple of months, doesn't matter which infusion set i switch to from medtronic, i get hard lumps under my skin that hurt and take a week or longer  to go away. my doctor thinks it might be that i need a longer needle for my site. any ideas? anyone else having these complications?

Try changing them more often. That happens to me when i leave the infusion set for more than 6 days.

oh wow i only keep them in 3 days tops lol but thank you

Oh my! 3 days?? Are you rotating sites? Go to where you have more “real state” asset… that is the way someone from here defined “fat area” like your tummy away from the belly button, your butt and legs. Good luck

thanks ! it happens every place i rotate too.. even tried my lower back and it still happens. no one has no idea what its caused from, doctors said its not an allergy to insulin or anything, just might have to get a longer needle for the site

I'm not sure if Medtronic makes different needles for the infusion sets, but I know they offer different cannula lengths. They might be able to send you a sample of one with a longer one.

I use the Silhouette and haven't had any problems with lumps (I change my site every 3 days also). It has a longer cannula, but is inserted in at an angle. You can tailor that angle to make it go either deeper or more shallow under the skin. Have you tried that one?

unfortunately yes i have :/ tried the mio and everything else. right now im on the sure-t? i think thats the name... it has one small circle site thats a needle that stays in your body, then another circle sticker that acts as an "Anchor" but thank you!

There's info about this in John Walsh's book "Pumping Insulin."  Also found this old link that talks more about Pump Hypertrophy.  It's supposed to help that you rotate sites often, but you may need to do it more than every 3 days if you're taking large amounts of insulin.