Bionic Pancreas clinical trial

I just read that clinical trials have started with the ILET Bionic Pancreas. I saw it on TedTalk and then read about it online. It releases glocose or insulin automatically. I’m not sure how it actually works but the potential sounds promising. Is it too good to be true?

Tina @tlj, this device shows wonderful potential. I’ve been following development for several years and this is the closest tool right now on the path toward “artificial pancreas”*. It will not be ready for wider use, in my opinion, until a method is found to stabilize glucagon - scientists are working on this.

  • Note that a properly operating pancreas does more than regulate body glucose.

For it to work perfectly, we will need faster insulin, better glucagon and real-time glucose readings. If these three can be accomplished then we have a fully functional cure.

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@Zale totally agree on the base requirements but would add “real-time accurate blood glucose readings”. also - I am a career engineer - I propose it would not really be a “functional cure” but more closely described as a functional work-around.

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Na Sal @Zale, not even close to a cure. As @Joe says, a functional work-around.
A cure will not include the three items you list and will not even include the most promising research to “a cure” that would require ONLY one occasional shot of something. But the research will take time - I’m hoping I have enough time left so I see it. I’ve volunteered my body for experimentation.

In my opinion, Joe hit the nail on the head - not a “cure,” but a “closer approximation.” It is an artificial means of delivering insulin that more closely approximates insulin excretion as seen in a “normal” pancreas.

It is important to remember that T1D often includes a whole lot more than a need for insulin. I believe that almost all experts agree that T1D is a “symptom” of an auto-immune/immune disorder. The effects of this disorder can produce syndromes in addition to T1D. Those syndromes include, but are not limited to, hypothyroidism, gluten-sensitivity/celiac disease, and other disorders that present with symptoms of disordered metabolism.

Yes, an “artificial pancreas” will make life easier. But the “cure” requires both “prevention” of our shared autoimmune disorder, and correction of the damage it does/has done.

Just my two cents.


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That does sound promising.

Quick, related funny story. I’m on another T1 forum and the Faustman trials in Boston with the TB vaccine were being discussed. On kid, I say kid but he’s in his late 20’s, chimed in saying he was searching for out of country Dr that would give him the 2 vaccines so I started to ask about it. I have been in contact with Faustman Lab and I live not far outside of Boston and everything published on this trial was positive but they clearly stated “this is not a cure” but another avenue of treatment. Most participants had, on average, lower BGs then the control group and required less insulin.

This kid went on and on saying it was a cure and I asked him to post a link to what he was openly saying and he then sent me a PM instead of posting.

Turns out he’s claiming that the dark web has a group of Dr.s in South America and India who have the immune system figured out :joy::joy:

Here was his response, I find it funny that Dr’s have to hide on the dark web because they’re curing autoimmune diseases, bwhaha, I don’t think so…

Because there is no “link.” This work is being done by one of those “black site” places, one in India and one in South America. A family friend who developed a form of Leukemia that should’ve killed him 10 or more years ago. The doctors told him to enjoy his last few months, mind you they tried to help and these were doctors from Mayo clinic, not your average doctor. His wife was a VP for one of the biggest, oldest banks in the US and she doesn’t take no for an answer. From her contacts she was directed to people in these black sites. She had the money to spend and did just that. He is pretty healthy (He is nearly 70.) He and his wife boat almost every week and do virtually what they want without fear. Every once in a great while he has to go get another treatment (which does NOT involve chemo or radiation.) The doctors at these sites have almost got the immune system problem figured out for T1D, Lupus, many forms of cancer, MS, etc… From what they have told Me, because they know of my interest in being cures, there have been 2 people cured of T1D and one more in process right now. Yes, their pancreases are fully functional, yes it does have something to do with the Tuberculosis vaccine. When I am allowed more info I’ll let you know.

Very true @t1djjc the Faustman study does not claim to have found a cure. correct me if i’m wrong, but I believe that all the people who have been helped by this TB vaccine also have continued insulin therapy. This vaccine is a boost for those with severe insulin resistance - both TypeOne and type 2; similar to the current GLP-1 treatment.

On your other point, work the autoimmune system, there is much being done in the field of cancer research which [my thought] could also be applied to autoimmune diabetes. The work that I refer to is open and subject to peer review and not hidden in remote jungles; one study funded by a nearby Cancer Institute and the other by NIH - both at a US university.

What I said kind of strays form this Topic title, so back to the subject. I received an email this week from the founding developer Beta Bionics about the current trials for its bionic pancreas - the progress sounds good to me. Here’s the link if you are interested:

Dennis sorry for the long delay to respond.
You are correct with the Faustman Study they are still on insulin therapy but with more level BG’s they require less insulin, which I feel is a very good thing but far from a cure.

I really found it wreakless that this guy posted that on a site that has young children, parents of T1D’s etc. Don’t claim these Dr’s have cracked the immue system in the jungles of the Amazon without being able to provide any type of proof. I think we would have heard if that were true, no?

I’ve been doing a lot of reading on CBD oil now because the subject came up for my Dogs anxiety and turns out it supposedly helps to keep from spiking and maintaining more stable BG’s. It has other positive components like it can help with weight loss, anxiety like I mentioned, better uninterupted sleep, WHICH I COULD USE and I am sure most all other T1D’s could as well. I ordered a premium CBD oil to try it out and see how it helps or not. One that is bacon flavor for the dog and the other for me is either pepermit or standard which I am not sure what that will taste like. The claim is 5 to 10 drops under your tongue twice a day, depending on your weight, helps with many things. I will definietely share feedback once I am on it for a couple of weeks. Hope it deliveres this week.

Bionic pancreas, that is awesome and something I would most likely consider even at my age.

CDB oil is embarrassingly under researched because it is considered a schedule one drug, in the same category as heroin and crack. I hadn’t heard of it in helping blood sugars. It makes me mad and motivates me to be further involved in all future elections.

Tina I agree with you 100%, it’s a joke they won’t allow researchers to do what they need to do because you know they’ll make something work. But there lies the problem, big pharma. They don’t want it to be looked at because it could potentially hurt their bottom line.